Descriptions & Pricing

Single Class/Drop In – $15

5 Class Card – $65 (2 month expiration)

10 Class Card – $120 (3 month expiration)

Monthly Unlimited – $140

Automatic Renewal Monthly Membership – $108 per month

Gentle Yoga and Busy Buddha (45 minute classes) – $10

Senior and Military discounts are available!



Level 1 Basics! – This is a simple, but engaging,  intro to yoga.  Great for first timers or those who haven’t hit the mat in a while.  Breathing and centering followed by a flow of basic postures, loads of alignment cues, modified when necessary and, as always, finishing with a deep relaxation.

Level 1/2 Flow – This is the next step up from Basic Level 1.  Beginners welcome and plenty of variations and challenges for the more experienced student.

Level 2 – An all-levels vinyasa (flowing) class consisting of creative sun salutation variations, standing and seated postures, all linked by the breath. Stretch, open, and strengthen while you detox your mind, body and soul!

Level 2/3- An intermediate level yoga class. Challenging sun salutation variations along with balance postures, fun inversions, and a wide range of standing and seated poses. Previous yoga experience is necessary.

Buddha Rocks – Let your hair down and get your groove on with our hard rockin’ Monday class. A universal/bodacious level vinyasa class set to all your favorite rock tunes. A different artist featured every week…sometimes classic rock, sometimes current stuff, but always wild and fun! Be prepared for sudden outbreaks of laughter and spontaneous group sing-a-longs! (Level 2/3)

Candlelight  Restorative & Yin/Soulful Sundown Sunday – Yin Yoga stretches the joints and connective tissue and is a fantastic supplement to your regular vinyasa practice. It is suitable for all levels, from the most beginner to the most advanced. Poses are mostly done on the floor and are held for long periods of time.

Gentle Yoga – A great class for people who can’t do all the chaturangas, jump backs, and vinyasa that we normally do. This 45 minute class is suitable for everyone, including older yogis, yogis with chronic pain, and yogis recovering from injuries. Also good for people who just want to relax!

Busy Buddha— a quick 45 minutes all levels class that covers all the bases!

The Karmic Buddha – Pay what you can. We want to make yoga accessible and available for everyone!

Blissful Buddha –Any and all levels encouraged to take this restorative class.  One of the most beautiful healing practices yoga has to offer. Take this time to renew, refresh and restore, in the mind, body and spirit. Restorative yoga works to heal your body emotionally and physically. You may relish a restorative practice while dealing with a traumatic time in your life or when you simply need to unwind the body and mind completely. As with regular formats of yoga, restorative yoga poses can treat the entire body at once or work to target more specific areas. For example, supported relaxation helps the entire body and mind relax, while the reclining bound angle pose generally focuses on opening the hips.

Mindful Buddha: Meditation and Movement – A unique combination of meditation, philosophy, breathing techniques, gentle yoga and restorative poses. Also, a creative use of mantras, mudras, and imagery will help you connect to your higher self and release any anxiety, sadness, fear or tensions. Your body and mind will feel rested and ready. This is a donation only class.

Breathe and Balance -This class will have you focus on the mindfulness of breath as well as the practice of turning inward. Each sequence will be focused on a specific chakra or part of the body. A creative mix of asana, pranayama, yin and restorative poses with props, which will enable students to relax and focus inward.

Buddha Replenish – Give yourself time to recoup and replenish midweek.
This class is suitable for most everyone. Expect movement focused on creating space in mind and body with a soothing restorative end that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Tween/Teen Class – A Tween/Teen yoga class for kids ages 11-14. Using the yogic methods of breath-work, postures and mindfulness/meditation, participants will benefit by acquiring increased self-confidence, relaxation skills, reduced feelings of anxiety and worry and experience a deeper connection with themselves and their surroundings. The concepts and techniques used can help develop more balanced, peaceful and compassionate young people.  No experience necessary and open to all levels of fitness. Many adult yogi’s wish they had learned the philosophy and skills of yoga when trying to navigate their way through the the sometimes challenging years of adolescence. Class  is  tailored to create a safe, non-competitive and fun atmosphere. As B.K.S Iyengar says, “Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like rays of the sun.” This is a great way to help plant those seeds for our kids!

Level 1 Buddha Chills – Level 1 slow flow and Restorative.   Join us for a mellow class that incorporates some languid and juicy vinyasa along with Restorative Yoga.  What could be more perfect?

Detox/Twist Evening Wind Down Level 1 – Sooth your soul, as well as your muscles and organs. This doesn’t require a lot of muscular energy on your part, but instead we will use leverage or gravity to achieve the poses. This allows you to focus on the breath and on relaxing your mind. We will stimulate circulation, creating heat, releasing tension in the muscles of the spine, abdomen and rib cage, encouraging the other systems in the body to work more effectively. Improve your mental fortitude as you challenge your body in a safe way.

Monday morning Rise and Shine – Set the precedent for a fabulous week through this energizing and powerful Monday morning vinyasa class. This class will emphasize strength, movement, breath and alignment. NOTE: class will only be held when four people preregister; we ask that you sign up the night before.

Sunday morning Power Flow – (when offered) Join us for an energizing vinyasa class that will build strength, increase flexibility and awaken the spirit.  Expect an upbeat workout including sun salutations, balance poses, fun inversions with plenty of focus on your core. Power Flow will link breath and movement and is sure to generate both heat and laughter. Previous yoga experience is recommended but not necessary.

You can e-mail us or call us at (845) 313-0712  if you have any questions or want more info about a class.