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Yoga is about union and connection, and when you visit our home, you can expect just that: union with your most authentic self and connection with a great community of like-minded people. We hope you come and experience peace and improved health here in our happy studio.

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Due to weather, we are cancelling the 7:00 pm Buddha Chills class this evening.

New Class!

Yin Yoga with Nikki on Sunday evenings @ 6:00-7:15 pm beginning February 11th

How ya feel YIN?

Yin yoga works deeply into the body by targeting the connective tissues such as ligaments, joints, 15 bones and fascia. A yin practice is most beneficial when the body is cool or not warmed up in order to access the deeper tissues instead of relying on the muscles. Unlike the more traditionally known Yang asanas (poses), Yin postures are held for one to five minutes allowing the body to soften into the pose creating space in the body. Props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps may be used to help the individual settle into a pose. Because asanas are held for an extended period of time, the mind will ultimately be challenged as well. Since this practice focuses on listening to your body, it’s ideal for all body types and individuals new or returning to the mat.

Nikki Villanti is a Hudson Valley Native who loves Yoga, Khaleesi (her dog), animals, nature, photography, food, laughing, music fun and anything that brings happiness to life. She was first introduced to yoga while living in the state of Florida .Nikki’s teaching style ranges from slow/gentle paced flows to challenging practices that test the body as well as the mind using plenty of modifications and centering breath work suitable for every body at any stage of life. She’s a big advocate for listening to your body and mind to recognize what you need in the present and be accepting of it.

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Class changes!
Teen Time with Riley is now on Thursday afternoons at 4:15 p.m.
Breathe and Balance on Thursdays is on hold for now. Check back for updates soon.

The Happy Buddha Book Club is back and we are
 looking for new members!

After a group vote, we decided that our next pick will be  Gravity by Robert M. Drake. He is most known for his poetry, but this is one of his first novels!

Join our private Facebook group here for fun discussions as well as an opportunity to connect with your fellow yogis outside of class!

At the end of the month, a discussion post regarding the book of the month will go up and we will “meet” on the post! We will then vote on the next book!

We look forward to seeing you online!




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